Washington DC Wedding at The Observatory || Emily and Leah


Emotions, traditions, lots of hugs, tears, a fun ride in the limo and a big hora. This is what I saw, felt and photographed at Leah and Emily’s wedding in Washington DC and I hope you’ll see and feel the same.

I’ve only talked to Emily once before her wedding day and when I hang up the phone I just knew that she was going to have me as her wedding photographer.  I can’t explain how sometimes a small connection makes the deal. To me the connection was bigger, as I felt important and part of their story by simply her trusting me and sharing it to me. Both Emily and Leah had a life threatening health issue just a few months before their wedding. They told me they just wanted to have their celebration around the people they love. And their wedding was all about that. Love!

Leah and Emily thank you for trusting me and for letting me witness your wedding day so I can show it to you in photos!








Wedding planner: Ida Rose Events !

Venue: The Observatory,  Washington DC

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