Meadowlark Gardens Wedding || Huma and Sayeed

‘One must remember that at the center of any bright flame there’s always that little touch of blue’.


I remember that cold weekend last year in December. The temperatures slowly dropped  from the 40s to freezing rain so I knew we had to deal with bad roads. I was a little worried but once I arrived at their hotel where they were getting ready everything went smoothly. Huma and Sayeed had their henna party on Saturday in Washington D.C. and on Sunday they had their Meadowlark Gardens wedding. Saturday was icy and cold, and Sunday was windy, rainy and even colder, but they both enjoyed their weekend as much as they could. They picked such a beautiful place surrounded by flowers,  plants and trees. Their first look was right in front of the atrium which still looked beautiful for a December weather.  This was one of the most relaxed first looks I’ve ever captured. They took their time, even if it started to rain they enjoyed every second.

When Huma first contacted me, she wanted me to capture unguarded moments of herself and Sayeed, but also his heart and a little touch of the blue within her, as she said to me.

Huma’s story is so inspiring to me, and I loved how much love she had around her from her family and friends. I’m talking about those kind of hugs when you close your eyes and hold really really tight. And Sayeed….you should have seen him, he could not take his eyes off her all night long.

Huma and Sayeed, thank you so much for trusting me with photographing your wedding! I hope that Sayeed’s heart and the touch of blue within you, both reflected in these photos will always remind you that ‘at the center of any bright flame there’s always that little touch of blue’. This may become my favorite movie quote, too!







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