Lessons from my Mom

knitted vestSecond year in a row with my mom on March 8th, International Women’s Day. Living on two different continents it’s quite challenging so every time I see her it is Heaven. The last time I spent 11 weeks in a row with her was about 15 years ago…..

The things she says always put a smile on my face.

– Watch your cat! When he uses his left paw to clean himself , the weather changes. No kidding, I watched my cat several times and two hours later it started to rain or to snow. Hmm, I’ll keep watching him…..still not sure, mom!

-You can read a women by her nails and her shoes. My mom is the simplest person I’ve ever met, but she always shines her boots before leaving the house and she cuts her nail cuticles every other day. I know, random …but I like her simple routine.

– and the one I like the most.  It takes time and good will to make something good, beautiful or meaningful. Like…a loaf of bread, a knitted vest or ….a relationship. I love to see her taking time in everything she does. And in my eyes everything she does turns perfect.


Happy Women’s Day!





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