La Carte Sentimentale

La Carte Sentimentale or The Romantic Passport…

Inspired by one of my favorite’s photographers Rodney Smith, the other day I found myself starring at his photos and ran over this set of questions he once answered himself.

‘Lovers in a train’ by Henri Cartier Bresson, Romania 1975


the most beautiful song: Comptine du Etre ete L’apres midi

a music genre: Classical

a male singer: Andrea Bocelli

a female singer: Edith Piaf

an art movement (in painting): Fauvism

a painter: Claude Monet

a painting: Starry Night

a writter: Jane Austin

a book: Benghal Nights

a photograph: Lovers ( A couple on a train in Romania, 1975)

a photographer: Henri Cartier- Bresson

a movie: A beautiful mind

a film score: Gone with the wind

a director: James Cameron

an actor: Alain Delon

an actress: Monica Belucci

a superhero: Santa Clause

a superpower: Telepathy

an element: Earth

a letter: M

a number: 2

an animal: Horse

a tree: Olive

a flower: Tulip

a sound: Ocean

a smell: Chocolate

a country: Italy

a city: Paris

a famour character you would love to meet: Coco Chanel

an invention: Vaccine

a cure: Cancer

a monument: Fontana di Trevi

a word: Learn

a verb: To exist

a habit: Curiosity

a relevent and insightful question: Who am I

an essential thing: Light

an amazing thing: Water

an enjoyable thing: Food

a success: To be loved

a quote: ‘It’s one thing to make a portrait of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are”.

a mood: Humorous

a deep regret: No regrets


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