Henna Party || Huma and Sayeed

‘One must remember that at the center of any bright flame there’s always that little touch of blue’.


When I asked Huma to tell me  what expectations she had from me, she sent me this quote from a movie that she really loved.  She said that among capturing unguarded moments of herself and Sayeed together, she wanted me to capture his heart and a little touch of blue within her. That sounded wonderful, inspiring and challenging to me. After all, capturing people’s personalities sounds better than just the way they look.

Huma and Sayeed are two of the funniest couples I’ve met.  Sayeed is super down to earth, friendly and easy going (in Huma’s words) and Huma is known as the social organizer, party planner with loads of energy and silliness (in her own words); both very genuine people in my own words. Huma also didn’t mention other things about her self (she is obviously very humble)- I will save that for their wedding day blog post.

It was so great working with them. They’ve booked me about 9 weeks before their two day wedding weekend and although for a second I was a little worried about how things would work out in such little time, everything turned out amazing. Huma had Katie from The Plannery to help her put everything together, but she knew exactly what she wanted- a big celebration of love close to their family and friends.

The henna party was so fun and so colorful. Their professional Mehndi (henna) artist was there all night and Huma and her lady friends had beautiful designs on their hands.  From what I understood these intricate designs symbolize joy, beauty, spiritual awakening and offering. The tradition of stealing the shoe somehow reminded me of an East European tradition of stealing the bride, where you have to pay with money to have them back. That was quite entertaining.

Stay tuned for their wedding day blog post!



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