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I was born in Bucharest, Romania but I spent most of my chidlhood summers in the country at my grandparents’ house about two hours away from the city. I think this is the biggest gift my parents ever gave me and my siblings. The gift of free play in a quiet place. This is where I learned about simplicity and being creative out of boredom because we only had cartoons on TV and they were only on Saturday mornings. I remember spending hours by the creek sometimes waiting for my grandpa while fishing, or stare at my grandmas’ cooking or gardening. I can still taste the watermelon with the warm baked bread snack. Or snacking on cherries or pears straight from the trees. Or going to the corn and watermelon field and spend the whole day there with my cousins playing cards and telling stories. Gosh, it was hot and we didn’t complain once!
This is the kind of childhood I want for my kids, of course it won’t be the same. They don’t own any tablets or video games (and I plan to keep it like that for a while) but there are more cartoons and toys and snacks out there nowadays and it’s a bit challenging with so many options. This summer days will be long for me, but I’m happy to relive some of my childhood days through them and document those moments. I know for sure years down the road they will treasure these photographs, as they will be a safe place for them to ‘revisit’ back.

This is a close to my heart black and white project that I started last year, you can find more of our stories on Instagram @lavenderandkites.

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