Arlington family photography |The Martins Day In The Life Session

A few weeks ago I spent a late afternoon including dinner with the Martins. This was their last month in their house before moving and not only they wanted to have some memories from it, but little Elysse is now two and she’s a busy little girl. They did what they normally do on a Sunday afternoon, and that was so much  fun to photograph. I also learned how to make some good Vietnamese sandwiches from them!

Every time I come back from a family session my Sofie asks me, ‘so, how was the family’, and I say ‘a lot of fun’ followed by some cool things I learned from them. This was the second time photographing this family, so I already knew them but this time around I loved to see how helpful the kids were in the kitchen. They also went a little bananas while I ‘babysat’ them in the backyard while mom and dad prepped dinner. Kids always do funny things when their parents are not around, and I’m happy the three little musketeers trusted me. Shh, I won’t tell mom and dad!

I will dearly miss them!!



day in the life session











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